Monday, March 17, 2008

March 18th - March 25th

Events this Week:

Maundy Thursday: Passover Meal

Led by: Garry Dejong
Venue: HBI Old Chapel
Time: 7 p.m

Good Friday
: Passion Worship by Powerhouse
Guest: Suzanne Dejong
Time : 7 p.m
Venue: BKN, A/C Hall, Ritherdon Road, Vepery

Easter Service
Venue: At Swarna Sakthi Abirami
Time: 9 a.m

New pictures:

Thanks for praying for the WOW team as they ministered in Bangalore, with All People's Church and with Pilgrim Partners on the event of Women's Day (March 8th). The weekend went really well ...
Check out the pictures!


Aminjikarai Easter Weekend

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