Thursday, March 12, 2009

Easter weekend!
Click on the image to the right to check out what our Easter plans are!

Sorry about the long delay in updating the blog .... and ... yes, we are working on the church website, and we're hoping to get it up and running before Kavita and Jeyakaran leave for the States. Well - at least before Kavita leaves as Jeyakaran leaves earlier. So - the deadline is the end of March!

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the few days of cooler weather in Chennai while it lasts! things have been busy here in the office as we've been involved in the 'Dark is Beautiful' Campaign which was run by Women of Worth and the British Council for the International Women's Day (March 9) 2009. Click here for pictures and more information. Thanks to all who attended the events to show your support. WOW really appreciated it.

Please pray for Julie & Celeste as they are travelling around Australia and New Zealand over the next few weeks.

Please do pray for our pastors, Kavita and Jeyakaran as they will both be busy travelling over the next few weeks - pray for their protection, that God would grant them times of relaxation and refreshing, that they would get to spend some time together as a family, and that God would lead them as they lead the church. They will also be visiting Mike & Stacy and their church in Arizona.


Aminjikarai Easter Weekend

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